The Willowstone Manifesto

At Willowstone Academy, we believe…

…that we are called to be curious because curiosity truly is a cornerstone of inspiration. And when we are inspired we can be brave, take risks and be catalysts for change because we know that we can make our world a better place. 

…that everyone is valuable, beautiful and powerful. Not despite any differences in race, sex and gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture and physical and mental abilities; but because of these. Because every child is a gift, and every gift is worthy of celebration.

…that excellence and mastery are a journey. And, like all journeys, there will be setbacks and successes and we will champion every effort. Because we all have individual responsibility for our success, but we are each an integral part of a team; and the journey is impossible on our own. 

At Willowstone Academy we believe in our students, families and teachers. We believe in our community.

We believe in you.

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