Our Values

At Willowstone Academy we believe in our students, families and teachers. We believe in our community.

  • Learning That Matters

    We are dedicated to deep learning that is rooted in a place where individual journeys are celebrated and where everyone belongs.

  • Your Personal Faith Jouney

    While we are a Kelowna Christian school and we celebrate those traditions, at Willowstone Academy we are committed to supporting all faith journeys.

  • A Community to Belong

    School should be a place where we all feel like we belong.

our values

A Community to Belong

We are inspired to provide quality and seamless education from infancy through Grade 9. That is, after all, one of the reasons we love coming to work. But, simply creating meaningful learning experiences in the classroom isn’t enough. School should be a place where we all feel like we belong. Whether you are a classroom teacher, a parent or guardian, a student, guest speaker, or are simply dashing into after-school care at the end of the day because dinner needs to get made and there is an early morning practice–Willowstone Academy is a place where it all belongs and it all matters.

Because life is hard. And learning is hard! And learning is real.

And when we do it together we can make it not only manageable, but also beautiful.  And so, we strive to make every part of our school an inclusive space–classrooms, hallways, offices, the playground and parking lots–so that when students, parents and teachers drive by, we point and say, “That’s our school!”

We also know that this can be challenging at times. After all, we all have different needs and different expectations and different constraints and opportunities at different times, and juggling all of that is no small task on any day of the week. So, what it all means is that, well, we work together to…make it work. We support each other because we are all in it together.  Sometimes it means encouragement. Sometimes it means a tough conversation. Sometimes it means having a laugh. It often means patience. It always means celebration. It means…life. 

And we’re in it together. 

Because we are all here to make sure our children are empowered to not just pass tests, but to be able to solve problems, to have authentic connections, and to be the best version of themselves. And when we all do it together… we might well make a real difference in our classrooms, or our living rooms, or our board-rooms…or any room.