Primary Years

Elementary School Program – Kindergarten to Grade 2

A “free to be me” learning environment where children explore friendships through play and can say: “I belong, I am loved, and I am capable!”

Fostering trust and attachment is foundational to building independence, creativity and a love of learning.

In an environment characterized by playfulness and joy, the work of becoming literate is transformed into a personalized journey for each student. A focus on building foundational literacy and numeracy skills is essential for students to be empowered in their learning journey through the primary years, and beyond. Throughout these first years of our elementary school program, regular communications maintain alignment and build strong connections between home and school.

Students in our Primary Years classes are supported through:

Primary years students are increasingly becoming developers of their own learning. Teachers support students to identify an area of improvement, set a goal and decide ways to achieve it. Classes are intentionally designed to allow students to feel connected with teachers so that they can provide personalized support for each child. In this way, our students build confidence and find their unique voice in a safe and nurturing environment. So, as a result, teacher-student conferences can focus on personalized reading, writing and numeracy goals to build foundational competencies and track progress. “Just in time…just for me” feedback in real-time empowers and enriches students’ learning and opens the door to emerging self-awareness and confidence.

And… We love literacy!

We know that a love of reading is the cornerstone for children’s success, and so our “Daily 5” structure gives students an opportunity to explore reading to self, reading to a peer, listening to a fluent reader as well as word work and daily writing. This frame allows teachers to support students while they develop stamina to work independently and collaboratively to build literacy skills and develop greater independence. We’re learning to read so that we can soon be reading to learn.

In class meetings, children learn important critical thinking and social thinking skills through real life experiences and are supported by mini-lessons that teach empathy and problem solving. After all, what happens on the playground matters in the classroom. We are never too young to learn speaking and listening skills, self-advocacy and a growing ability to see another’s perspective. Thinking, communication and problem solving are essential life skills and are woven into our positive learning environment so students can begin to understand the best practices of living respectfully in community.

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