Programming at Willowstone Academy

The programming of each of our departments is designed to support all of our diverse learners in developmentally appropriate ways.

The collaborative and reflective approach of our teams within and between departments focuses on building foundational skills, is informed by benchmark assessments, and characterized by milestone transition practices as students move through each grade.

Primary Years

A “free to be me” learning environment where children explore friendships through play and can say: “I belong, I am loved, and I am capable!”

Intermediate Years

A “free to be me” learning environment where students broaden their perspective and can say: “I am worthy, I belong and I am unique!”

Middle Years

Adolescents are taking their first steps into a bigger world–a world full of new relationships, growing opportunities and increasing responsibilities.

Before + After School Care

The demands and obligations of work obviously don’t always align with a school schedule.

Summer Camps

We are pleased to offer a diverse range of summer camps for children up to age 12 in July and August.