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Did you know that our families are heroes?

Actually, every member of our parent community is automatically a member of our Parent Teacher League. This is actually a little like being a member of a group of superheroes…except we’re fueled by Starbucks and not Kryptonite.

And being a parent really is like being a superhero.

We know it’s not nothing to get to school on time (in uniform!), scramble to work, arrange extra-curricular or after-school care, make dinner, read agendas, do some reading, sign a field-trip form and, yet, somehow manage to volunteer for Hot Lunch, Spirit Week, the Used Uniform Store,  Field Trips, Middle Years Spring Social, Scholastic Book Fair…not to mention donations for our charity drives and fundraisers. And all this by Wednesday.

Our families truly are the real deal.

And we are grateful. We’ve seen them show up again and again. Often in smiles, but sometimes in tears. Sometimes angry or with laughter. But always… showing up. And that’s what matters. Because we’re in it together.

We know that supporting all of our students is the journey of a thousand miles, and building a community is the journey of a thousand steps, and when we all take a couple of steps together, the journey is a little easier, a little lighter…and a little more fun.

Obviously, you don’t need to be the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer or Secretary of the PTL to make a difference.

Obviously, no school can thrive without vibrant and dedicated parents.

Titles don’t matter much around here. You just need to care. Because we’re in it together. And we love working together. It’s good to meet you.

Please reach out to our PTL to find out ways to volunteer, help out, or get connected.

2022/2023 PTL Executive:
President: Lynsay Roe
Treasurer: Mark Krieger
Secretary: Alexandra Krieger

2022/2023 PTL Leads:
Hot Lunch Co-ordinator: Jennifer Robins
Uniform Store Co-ordinator: Lynsay RoeU
Social & Events Co-ordinator – Jessica Markus
Online Fundraising Co-ordinator – Sujaree Smith
Social Media – Tricia Snaychuk

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PTL Details

Any parent or guardian of a current student at Willowstone Academy is a member of the PTL.

The PTL is an opportunity for parents to be ‘in-the-know’ about school activities, initiatives and to bring forward ideas and suggestions.

The PTL creates a voice and a space for parents to be involved in the development of the Willowstone Academy community.

There will be 3 member meetings during the school year. Watch for dates to be announced soon. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend!  Please join us – your feedback and input helps us build a strong Willowstone Academy community!

Parents are always welcome to bring ideas and comments directly to any member of the PTL executive – talk to us at the PTL meeting, in the parking lot, or email us.

Important Links

Please visit the parent portal for all your important school and PTL information including volunteer sign-up information, event calendars and uniform code.