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Willowstone Academy

Infant/Toddler To Grade 9

We are here to help. We are here to learn. We’re here for you.
This is learning that matters.

Education is changing. Rapidly.

At Willowstone Academy it’s not enough for us to merely change with education–as an independent faith-based Kelowna private school, we are always adapting to the needs of our local and global communities.

Our partnerships between school and home are so important -not only for student success, but for creating a community where everyone belongs, where individual faith journeys are celebrated and where we are all focused on learning that matters. And where we can all work together make a difference in our city, and in our world.

We are committed to every child and we know that students are most successful when they know that their teacher sees them, knows them and likes them. And this means that because of our boutique-sized school, all of our teachers can be invested in all of our students. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. So, when your children cross the parking lot and walk into their classroom they really do feel at home–they feel like they matter and they know that they belong because, well, they do. Because they really are believed in.

And, ultimately, that is our commitment from our Preschool to our Elementary School and through our Middle School. Our team is unwavering in our dedication to creating a space where children can be brave, where their unique strengths are celebrated, and where we are all part of the Willowstone family: from toddlers, to teenagers and beyond.

We stand united with all of our families for the sake of the children — after all,

that’s what its all about.

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